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Creating a web page for advertising your business is only the beginning...

Is it eye-catching, is it informative?

You only have a few seconds to get the readers attention.

Now you finally finished the page.  Not yet!!

SEOstands for “search engine optimization.”

Many places make a fortune fromSEO.

You can go toGoogleand spend $300 a month or more, to have your page in the top of all search engines.

You can now pay YELP to be at the top of their list and to offer your site with others in YELP ads, starting at $300/month.

You can spend thousands of dollars for advertising, or pay a little money and get possible better results.

You need a web specialist that can get your company in the first page of search items for a very reasonable price and keep your pages up-to-date.

You want quality results, with low-cost.

Also, Facebook, Google+,  YELP,  Craigslist, BackPage,  Square, Business email, Email advertising, mail advertising, newspaper release stories, Brick & Mortar,  Yahoo,  and Microsoft.

Also many more avenues and subjects.Let's talk.

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