Companies that have paid to unlock their files, did not have the virus removed.

It Can Come Back!!!

PLEASE: Back up your system and keep backups seperate from your system--not on a cloud or a shared drive. Use tape backup or DVD backup.

Store backup off-site, if possible


Instructions listed on how to connect infected hard drive to another PC via USB and a software tool with decryption key.

Please do not send them money!!!

Example : One hospital paid $80,000 to get operational on their servers.

Virus is not removed and can reactivate at

any future time.

Thank you and be safe while on-line.

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     Public Notice:  Please be aware that Personal PCs are being Hijacked for $300 and up.

     Company servers are being HiJacked for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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You Tube Video

Of the Ransomware.

Thank you.

VIRUS  Notice: Many companies are being affected by  Petya Ransomware.

See article at SiteProNews website. Link is below. Also google for other fixes, if needed.

Possible free fix information at :

JGCollins Web Design. Setup your web page and make it searchable. If people can't find you, why be on the internet? This is a cost effective company for small and very small/start up busineses. Please send an email for information to