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Of the Ransomware.

Thank you.

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Lee Greenwood

Lee Greenwood

and the

United States Army Choir

Sing impromtu...

"God Bless the USA".

May God bless our servicemen, many not with their families this holiday season and possibly in harm's way, so we can be with family and friends and be safe.

Companies that have paid to unlock their files, did not have the virus removed.

It Can Come Back!!!

PLEASE: Back up your system and keep backups seperate from your system--not on a cloud.

Instructions listed on how to connect infected hard drive to another PC via USB and a software tool with decryption key.

Please do not send them money!!!

Thank you and be safe while on-line.

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VIRUS  Notice: Many companies are being affected by  Petya Ransomware.

See article at SiteProNews website. Link is below. Also google for other fixes, if needed.

Possible free fix information at :

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